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Internet Culture » Wiki Projects » Subatomic Love
Author: JayBird
Fiction Rated: R - English - Romance - Reviews: 3 - Published: 02-07-08 - Updated: 04-07-08 - Complete

All was calm on the Main Page of the PPC Wiki, of course. It was mid-week, with no edits due until Sunday (and even those might not take place). There'd been a bad case of spamming a few hours before, but that had been dealt with in the usual way, and so... the front of the Wiki was still.

In the less-frequently visited pages, however, things were not so relaxed. Down beyond the maze of Special Pages, past the switchback at Double Redirects and the deserts of Orphaned and Dead-End Pages, in the dark, secret heart of Wanted Pages, two voices rang with laughter.

"Did he really say that?" one voice asked (and an invisible observer would perhaps have been surprised to discern that the source of the voice was a flicker of light in the air, like an electron caught in mid-flow). "I mean, it's a bit much..."

"Oh, yes," the second voice confirmed, a spark hovering over the Nin Brandt link. "He's quite a... character, if you will."

The first spark quivered slightly and crossed the rocky Division of Cool and Unusual Punishment to settle atop Verra, near to its companion. "I don't see how people can be so ignorant," it said.

"Oh, we've had worse," the second disagreed. "I remember at least two duplicate pages with completely different information. I tell you, it's such a pain when they're involved."

The first spark turned, its attention seeming to shift to the vast inanimate bulk of Crashing Down. "It's nonsensical to leave that lying around," it said grumpily. "What's it up to, fifty-two redlinks now?"

"Whereas Nin Brandt here's only got six, and she's the next one down. I know," the second spark agreed, "but we don't have a choice. We just do the hard work while they mess about, you know?"

"I know," the first commiserated. "I don't suppose we could-- oops, hang on." It jittered on the spot for a few seconds. "Yes, feels like... oh, it's just New Caledonia again."

"They're always changing that one," the second muttered. "The young ones can handle it, it's never much of an edit."

"While we stay down here," the first agreed thoughtfully. Fluttering closer to its companion, it said, "You know... all this time I've been working with you... I've come to find you... well... interesting."

"Interesting?" the second inquired. "How so?"

"I don't mean interesting really," the first said, searching for the right words. "I just... your waveform is so smooth, your radius just right... the way you adapt to Heisenberg is just stunning... I'm afraid I... I rather think I'm attracted to you."

The second spark - or electron, for such they were - seemed to blush red. "Well, I... I mean... you have quite a nice quantization of your energy levels, and I've always been very impressed by your random motion. I think I-"

"Hold that thought," the first said regretfully, "I think someone's editing Current Events. We should get up there."

"Work, work, work," the second grumbled, and then glanced slyly at its companion. "After we're done... how about you meet me at Luxury? I think we'd be justified in taking a little... time off, don't you?"

"Oh, most definitely," the first agreed cheerfully, and the two darted off up the ladder of the PPC Wiki.

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